Are you looking for a fun afternoon exploring a historical area of our city?  Well if you are looking for something fun to do, then you want to Go For the Dough.  We have a chance for you to win $1000.

So how do you Go for the Dough?  It is easy, just stop by one of the Go For the Dough locations and pick up your game card.  While you are there grabbing your game card, make sure to get that location marked off.

Once you have your card start rediscovering Historic Route 66.  Check out all the businesses, who knows you might find that perfect Christmas gift.  You might find the perfect decorations for your Thanksgiving table at The Nest.  Maybe you want to dress up as pilgrims for Thanksgiving, you could find a costume for that as well at the Costume Castle.  Plus, have lunch or dinner at one of our many restaurant Go for the Dough Sponsors.

Bracero's Mexican Bar and Grill is delicious, might I suggest the carne guisada plate, or cool off with a heaping helping of gelato from Cowboy Gelato.

Time is running out, make sure you get your game card filled and turned in to our studios at 6214 W. 34th by noon on Friday.  Then join us at Wild Bill's Fill'n Station on 6th Street from 3-5pm to find out if you win the $1000!

Make sure you plan for a late lunch or early dinner and have a delicious burger from Wild Bill's.

Not only will we have $1000 up for grabs, we'll have some other great prizes as well.

Grab your friends and Go for the Dough before it is too late!