You'd be surprised how many people do.

A survey by Wakefield Research reveals that 76% of people believe in soulmates. Other findings:

  • 33% of people are still waiting to find their soulmate
  • 66% of people feel soulmates are a reality rather than a fantasy
  • On average, people will have four relationships before finding their soulmate
  • 47% of people say that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are the “Best Soulmates.”
  • 33% of people regret not introducing themselves to a possible soulmate
  • 95% of people in a relationship say their current partner is their soulmate

Here are some elements to a soulmate:

  1. It's something inside. It's an emotion you can't put to words.
  2. Flashbacks.  Chances are, this person has been in your life awhile.
  3. You just get each other. You finish each others sentences.  You may share a similar experience with your best friend or family member. But it's significant if you share connections like this with your partner.
  4. You fall in love with his (or her) flaws.
  5. It's intense. Most often, a soulmate connection is more intense than "normal" relationships.

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