I found myself in a situation yesterday where I had a doctor's appointment.   So I got to the office few minutes early in case there was a file update, etc.  I was taken back to a room quickly and I was thinking I will be out of here in now time.  BIG mistake!


I waited an hour and 15 minutes in that room before the doctor came in.  An hour and 15 minutes!  I was trying to stay calm and understanding, however this wasn't a type of doctor that had a life saving emergency.   There was not a need to wait and hour and 15 minutes, plus the exam time.

So my question is, why is their time more important than mine.  I had things to do and did not have an extra hour to spend waiting.  I get that they get backed up, however, that is just because of poor scheduling and time management.

I know I'm not the only one who has had a problem with waiting on a doctor.   I have heard some people tell me they have waited as long as 3 hours for a doctor's appointment.

I understand that our medical doctors save our lives, I get that our eye doctors, dentists and psychologists, etc.,  keep us healthy, but when is enough, enough?  Is there not something they can do to help with time management?

Trust me, I would have loved a phone call, "hey Dr. so and so is running an hour behind could you come in half and hour later than your scheduled time".  I would have jumped at the chance because I would have had more time to work on what I was working on.  I would have even loved the heads up with "the doctor is running and hour behind, do you mind waiting or would you like to reschedule."  If I would have known absolutely I would have rescheduled and that would have helped get the doctor back on track with time.  However, rescheduling might have caused and even bigger problem on a different day.

I understand people have to make appointments, I understand that things happen, but I also understand common courtesy has gone out the window with respect to other people's time.

Am I wrong?