This has been bugging me for a few days.  It all started on Friday when I went to Walmart.  I was driving through their parking lot looking for a space.  I'm not the type to drive around until I get a close space.  However, I did find a space semi-close and upfront, but there were several spaces available.  This is where it started.

Scenario #1

I was finished shopping and I got in my car.  Since I was going to be driving I was checking my texts, and my messages, and uploading my receipt to their Savings Catcher.  I didn't have my car started I didn't have it in reverse.
However, one of those people who hawk the parking lot followed me to my car.  I didn't realize anyone was waiting, but their rudeness alerted me when I heard their horn blaring.  I'll admit when I heard the horn, I proceeded to take more time (which I know was wrong).

So I'm curious, who was in the wrong here.  Should I have just hopped in my car and drive off?  Should they have moved on?

Scenario #2

I stopped at United on Tuesday afternoon to pick up a few things.  I had pulled into the parking lot and was driving up a lane and found a spot.  A few cars were coming the other way so I turned my blinker on and waited for them to pass and as I started turning into the spot a big honkin' truck pulled into my space from the other side.  The space on his lane was open but so was mine, but he decided to keep pulling forward, as I was pulling in.  Then he proceeded to laugh at me like he won. I was tempted to pull a Fried Green Tomatoes, Tawanda on him, but I don't have that much insurance.  Yeah that was not nice, but luckily I backed up, and pulled forward only to find a car backing out and leaving me a nice spot right next to the store.  So I won.

So in your opinion what is proper parking etiquette?  Please share your thoughts with us.