When it comes to movies, I am usually cautious about what my son watches, he's only 6.  So with that said, I'm more willing to let him watch a movie that has been edited for TV than the actual DVD.  However, the other day we started watching a action movie from the 90's that I used to love and thought since it was edited for TV it would be safe. Boy was I wrong.


We got about 15 minutes into the movie and the cussing was beyond unimaginable.  Yes, I get that the A-word (meaning rear end or donkey), the B-word (rhymes with witch) are allowed regularly on TV, but my gosh, really, let's just let it roll.

I finally turned it off and said "I'm sorry buddy, even though it is edited for TV it is still inappropriate."  He said, "momma I know those are bad words that I don't repeat."  Still I didn't want it in his little head that it is OK.  So we switched over to On Demand and watch 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid.'

I started thinking about the big blockbuster movies, for instance the Avengers.  I have let my child watch The Avengers, he loves the Incredible Hulk.  As I'm looking back on the movie, I realized it had little profanity in the movie.

So why is profanity so rampant in movies?  How is it a movie like, 'The Avengers' that makes millions upon millions of dollars and has little or no profanity in it so successful.  A movie that parents will take their smaller children to, it gets by without the profanity.   People still pay money to see this movie, and other than the violence it is clean.

Why can't more of our movies be like this?

Has the world become so desensitized that it is OK for cuss words to just fly out of peoples mouths on regular TV?  Movies are edited for a reason, if you are editing you might as well take out all the bad stuff.