January 21st is a day of many memories.  It  is also a day where Monica Lewinsky became a household name and everyone decided to quit smoking cigars.

1908 - New York City lawmakers passed a law making it ILLEGAL FOR WOMEN TO SMOKE IN PUBLIC. Mayor George McClellan, Jr. vetoed it .

1959 - CARL SWITZER, who played ALFALFA on "THE LITTLE RASCALS", was shot and killed by a former business partner . . . during an argument over a $50 debt.

1966 - GEORGE HARRISON married his first wife, PATTI

BOYD. The two met on the set of the movie, "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT". She left him in the '70s for ERIC CLAPTON.

(--In her recent autobiography, "Wonderful Tonight", Pattie says that while she was still married to George, Eric showed up at their home one night, drunk. George handed him a guitar, and took one up himself. They proceeded to engage in a TWO-HOUR GUITAR DUEL for Pattie's honor . . . which Eric won.)

1970 - "NANNY & THE PROFESSOR" premiered . . . starring  JULIET MILLS as the Nanny.

1977 - JIMMY CARTER pardoned almost all Vietnam War "DRAFT DODGERS" in one of his first acts as president.

1979 - The PITTSBURGH STEELERS beat the DALLAS COWBOYS, 35-31, in SUPER BOWL 13 . . . to become the first team to win three Super Bowls.

1984 - The great JACKIE WILSON, who sang "HIGHER AND HIGHER" and "LONELY TEARDROPS," died of a heart attack at the age of 49.

1990 - JOHN MCENROE threw his racket at the Australian Open and was ejected from the match immediately. It was the first time a player was kicked out of the tournament in the event's 85-year history.

1990 - "MTV UNPLUGGED" debuted . . . with SQUEEZE as the first performers.

1994 - LORENA BOBBITT was found not guilty by reason of insanity for chopping off her husband's manhood.

1996 - WYNONNA JUDD married Arch Kelley. They divorced in 1998.

1996 - The 53rd Annual GOLDEN GLOBES were held in Los Angeles. "Sense and Sensibility" won Best Dramatic Picture. "Babe" won Best Comedy.

--Best Dramatic Acting awards went to NICOLAS CAGE for "Leaving Las Vegas" and SHARON STONE for "Casino". The awards for Acting in a Comedy or Musical went to NICOLE KIDMAN for "To Die For" and JOHN TRAVOLTA for "Get Shorty".

1998 - BILL CLINTON angrily denied reports he'd had "sexual relations with that woman."

2005 - Chaos erupted at radio station WKYS when THE GAME and his entourage allegedly attacked two DJs because of comments one of them made.

--A few months later one of those DJs, Kwasi Jones, filed a civil lawsuit for $280 million in damages for assault and emotional distress against The Game, 50 CENT, DR. DRE'S label, Aftermath Entertainment, and EMINEM'S label, Shady Records.

2010 - Approximately 5.2 million vehicles were recalled by Toyota because of issues with the pedals and floor mats.

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