When it comes to being pregnant, mothers have certain things they look forward to doing.   That includes decorating the baby's room, having a baby shower, and finding out the sex of the baby.  In the past the baby shower was the big party for a pregnant mom.  Now the new craze is the gender reveal party.

So how does a Gender Reveal party work? At the routine 20-week scan (when babies in the womb are checked from head to toe with ultrasound) the couple ask the sonographer to determine the baby’s sex, but to keep it a secret from them. nstead, the gender is written down and sealed in an envelope. The envelope is then passed to a baker or friend who makes a large celebration cake in either pink or blue sponge - depending on whether the couple are expecting a girl or a boy.

So is this something you would do.  It sounds like fun.  Finding out the sex of your baby by cutting into a cake in front of friends and family, would be lots of fun.

However, for me personally, if and when we have another baby I don't want to know the sex until the baby is born.  There are very few surprises in life and finding out what sex your baby is the minute he or she is born is a great surprise in life.