Halloween is over a month away.  So is it too soon to start thinking about Halloween and what costume you are going to wear?

I have heard that question over and over again.  My answer is no, it isn't too soon.  We live in a world where you can find Christmas decorations on shelves in August so I don't think it is too soon to start thinking about Halloween.

In fact, the Halloween stores came back into town at the start of September.  Some of the haunted houses around town have already opened.  So when it comes to costumes it is never to soon to start thinking of what to wear.

Heck, I even bought E's costume already.  It was in the store, I had the money,  I bought it.  The tough part has been keeping his hands off it until Halloween.  With the way costumes are made these days it would be torn up in 2 minutes.  Despite the promises that he has made that he won't tear it up, it is still hanging in my closet in one piece.  The mask on the other hand has been worn over and over again.

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