It is tax season, which means folks all over the U.S. are getting back a part of their hard earned money, or they are cussing because they have to pay.  Either way it all has to be done by April 15th, which falls on a Monday this year.

So if you are getting a chunk of change back, what do you plan on doing with it?


I know for me personally, I will be taking care of my dogs.  I have neglected their periodontal health  and their teeth are horrible and I feel guilty so they will be going in for a good ol teeth cleaning.

Then I plan on paying off some bills.

Then I will save the rest of the money for a rainy day.

I know people who will be taking their money and going on a shopping spree, a big vacation or buying luxury items like furniture and televisions.

According to Capital One Bank's annual Taxes and Savings Survey, this is how people plan on spending their tax money.

30 percent plan to spend it on everyday expenses and necessities,
23 percent plan to spend it on a vacation,
16 percent plan to spend it on clothing and accessories,
15 percent plan to spend it on an iPad, TV, smartphone or other electronics, and
16 percent plan to spend it on other major purchases.

So now that you know how Capitol One folk plan to spend their tax money, what do you plan to spend it on?