This is a question looming in the minds of many people in the country as well as right here in Amarillo. How many times has the public been mandated to buy a product by the government?

When researched it shows that many people who own businesses are not hiring right now out of fear that when Obamacare takes affect, they will also owe for that employees health care. Is this fear justified?

Other business owners have actually let people go due to the fact that they ‘barely make it’ as is. When the new Health Care Law takes affect, they would have to fire people or be forced to close their doors.

Is this an over-reaction or does it make sense?

As the average joe, does it mean that I get to make that ‘choice’ again? Many people have healthcare and do so out of their choice. Other people choose to not have health care (as I did for many years as I felt it was completely un-called for).

Granted, there are many people who want insurance and can’t currently obtain it for whatever reason. But, is that fixed by forcing everyone in the country to purchase health insurance, or would it be better served to have insurance reform that addressed the real problem? To help people who want and need insurance to get it.

While Amarillo doesn’t normally feel recessions as hard as other areas of the country, we can still feel it. So, do you think that the repeal of this law would re-instill confidence in the country from local business owners? Would they begin to hire again and invest in our city, or do you think that things are fine in our fair city and to move forward with President Obama’s Health Care Law.

You tell us what you think.