I was channel surfing Saturday night and just wanted something on for background noise as I puttered around the house. So, I finally decided on checking out the rerun of The Bachelor on ABC.

Well, within the first 20-minutes I was hooked.

Usually my reality TV ends up being "Undercover Boss" on CBS (Sunday Nights) and "American Idol" on Fox (Season 10 debuts on January 19th). Now I am sucked into the return of 2007's Bachelor Brad Womack and a group of eligible woman.

You may remember that Brad's first go round on the Bachelor left the final 2 woman standing by themselves. He didn't choose either one. But now he claims he is a changed man. After "years of therapy" and "soul searching" he is ready to find true love.

The new set of women put Womack through the ringer about his last stint as the Bachelor, but he seemed sincere, open and honest about everything.

So, now my DVR is set for Monday nights to watch the drama unfold and see how the entire season plays out.

After the first show I would have to say my favorite Bachelorette  is Emily, the Children's Hospital Event Planner from Charlotte, NC.

Such a heartbreaking story.

My advice: "Don't mess it up again, Brad".