One of my favorite shows growing up was "Boy Meets World".  I watched that through my teenage years into adulthood.


I feel in love with Cory and Topanga.  I wanted Shawn to be my boyfriend.  Eric, was Eric but he is the character that made the show funny.  Who could forget Mr. Feeny.  Mr. Feeny was the teacher that everyone wanted.   Mr. Feeny was also the the neighbor everyone wanted.

Disney has a great idea with bringing this show back for a whole new generation.  However, they have to do it the right way.

You have to suck the former fans of the show in as well as the new fans.  You have to make the show loveable through a generation gap.

I think the CW failed when they brought back 90210, yes they brought back part of the original cast but they booted them off the show before it really got good.

So I am hoping the new 'Girl Meets World' has something to offer parents and kids alike.

Please bring Eric, Shawn, and Mr. Feeny back.

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