I am a huge fan of the HBO series True Blood.  After the first episode of the first season I was hooked.  So hooked, that I ran out and bought all the Sookie Stackhouse novels that were in print so I wouldn't have to wait on Season 2 of True Blood.   I cannot wait for the new season.

HBO is clever to only have the show once per year and after the last episode you have to wait a whole year until the next season.  It's enough to drive you insane.  I am not the only one.  My co-workers and I constantly discuss True Blood and what will happen this season.  Every week HBOGo gives a little taste of what to expect in the new season but it just isn't enough.  Luckily HBO understands True Blood Withdrawal and has offered some help.

Will you be watching True Blood on June 26th when Season 4 starts?  I know I will.