Amarillo is putting a crackdown to unpaid parking tickets.  If you have unpaid parking tickets they can impound your car.  I guess the moral of this story is to pay your parking tickets.

TSM Amarillo

According to the Amarillo Police Department:

License plate information for vehicles that have six or more unpaid parking citations will be made available to the automated license plate reader in the City of Amarillo’s Parking Enforcement vehicle. The automated license plate reader will immediately notify Parking Enforcement when a vehicle has six or more citations. Amarillo Municipal Code dictates that a vehicle owner with six or more unpaid/unanswered citations is subject to having their vehicle impounded by the Amarillo Police Department.


So if you have more than six unpaid parking citations you probably want to get that taken care of by Tuesday, October 15th otherwise you might find your car in jail.

So not only will you still have to pay your fines to get your car out you will have to pay the towing fees and impound fees as well.

So do you have any unpaid parking tickets?  Click here to find out.   Parking and traffic violations may be paid online here.