When you hear the word 5K what goes through your head?  Heck yeah, let's run?  Really, I can't run 5 steps much less 5K?   Hmmm, that sounds like fun?   Either way, get signed up for the Dance Dash 5k!  It is a fun 5K,  you can run or walk, but there's a catch to this 5K.  FUN!

I usually don't do 5Ks let's face it, I'm not exactly a runner but the Dance Dash 5K is different.  Let's just say this 5K piqued my interest.

The Dance Dash is a 5K like no other.  You still get to run/walk but they incorporate a dance routine into the trail.   By the time the 5K is done, not only will you have run/walked a 5K you will have learned a new dance routine.

Children's Miracle Network

I can honestly say, I don't dance or run, but I walk and I like to have fun.

So that's why I signed up.

The great thing about the Dance Dash 5K,   it all benefits the Children's Miracle Network.

I'm putting aside all my insecurities about doing a 5K and I gonna go out there and have fun.  Lot's of fun.  I'm going to support the Children's Miracle Network, but better yet I am going to do this 5K in honor of my very good friend William Taylor, who has been helped by Children's Miracle Network!

Taylor Family

So odds are you know of a family or a child who has been helped by Children's Miracle Network, so why not Dance Dash in honor of them, grab your family, grab your friends and form a team.

Plus, I have a special code that will get you $10 off on the registration.


Children's Miracle Network

When: Saturday, May 24th, 9:00AM

Where: Amarillo College Campus -2011 S Washington St

Registration Fee: $45

Did I mention it will be FUN!