American Idol fans were shocked when they announced the new judges for  the new and improved American Idol after Simon left the show.  When they announced the replacements would be Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, I for one thought OK let's give them a try.  I was shockingly surprised at how they judged and changed the whole outlook of Idol.  Now that dynamic may be changing again.

Jennifer Lopez may not return to American Idol next season.  According to In Touch Weekly Magazine, Marc Anthony, Jennifer's husband pushing J.Lo to quit Idol", because he wants her "to spend more time with him and their children."

So who will win in the battle?  Will Jennifer turn down her reported $12 million dollars to judge Idol again.  Is this a ploy for more money?  Will she do what her husband wishes?  It is just a matter of time before we find out, but she better make her decision soon because I don't really think Randy and Steven can handle the auditions alone.