If you are currently looking for a job and desperate for employment and are interviewing for positions, don't be surprised if your next potential employer asks you for your Facebook log in and password during the interview process.

Apparently, this is becoming more common.  If  you are like me then you have your Facebook profile set to private, that way only the people you choose to be your friends can see your profile.

A lot of people do this and when potential employers get on Facebook to check you out and see how your really are they can't because you have it set to private.  So what do they do? They ask you for your personal private information, which is the log in and password to your Facebook account and if you aren't willing to give it up, then you probably won't get the job.

So how can a company do something like this?  It isn't illegal, yet, so some companies are using this to their advantage and cutting into your privacy just so they can see how you are by your Facebook page.

I, personally don't have anything to hide so I wouldn't be to worried about something they would find, but I would however be offended that they would ask and request that kind of personal information.

So what do you think?