I got a great giggle today when I realized that it is officially VCR day.  Yes a day for the VCR.  The Video Cassette Recorder.  A thing that has gone by the wayside in most homes.

As the CD took out the cassette the DVD took out the VCR.  I remember fondly recording TV shows and movies onto a video tape.  You would sit there to determine when the show was going to commercial and hit pause and anticipate it going back to the show and hit the pause again to start the recording, this way you wouldn't have to watch commercials when you re-watched the show.

The highlight for me is when we got the free previews of movie channels and I would record as many movies as I could before the free preview was over.

You could record something, then record over it or throw a fit when your older brother recorded over something of yours.

Then you dealt with the tracking problems.  The head cleaners and old tape.

Yes those were the good 'ol days. OK so not really, I love my DVR (for now).

I'll admit I still have a box of old video tapes in storage, and for some reason kept all my Disney Movies on VHS even though I no longer own a VCR.

I couldn't tell you the last time I actually saw a VCR.

Luckily, if you feel the nostalgia for a VCR you can still purchase them.