Let me first say, when I started in radio one of my first jobs was working in the Classic Country format.  So what happened recently was such a joyous surprise.  I do a weekly public affairs show on our sister stations 98.7 Jack FM and News Talk 940.  Each week I interview folks in our community about events.  Never in a million years did I expect Michael Martin Murphey to walk into my studio.

I had been talking with Jim Anderson with Cowboy Gelato, one of the organizers of the Cowboy Christmas Ball.  I had scheduled an interview with him.  Well the day of the interview I walked up to our lobby to go grab him and Michael Martin Murphey was sitting on the couch with him.

For a girl who cut her radio teeth on the Classic Country genre, this was huge for me.  Let's just say I was starstruck, or as they call it these days, I fangirled a bit.  What can I say...

So here's the interview:

Part 2


Lori Crofford

Cowboy Christmas Ball

Date: Dec 06, 2014
Time: 07:30 PM
Cost: $123-$28
Location: Rex Baxter Building

VIP Tickets $123 (adults and children) VIP includes: Dinner, Meet & Greet, CD, T-Shirt and Concert.

Tickets Available at www.panhandletickets.com