I know this sounds corny but everyone has a Christmas List including me.  Here is what I want for Christmas.

1. Electric Blanket


My room gets cold at night and unlike some people I hate getting into a cold bed.  I like to be warm from the moment I get into bed until the moment I get out of bed.  Unfortunately, my electric blanket died last year and I haven't gotten a replacement.

2.  Babyliss Titanium Flat Iron


I have a cheap flat iron.  I do.  I mean it does what it needs to do, but my hair would look so much better if I had a decent flat iron.

3.  Ceiling Fan


The ceiling fan in my bedroom went out a couple of weeks ago and I miss it terribly.  I would really like a new one.

4. iPad


I'm reaching on this one.  I know I won't find one under the tree this year, but one can always hope.

5.  I want the world to know the love and peace that is Jesus Christ.


I want the world to know that he is the reason we celebrate Christmas.  I want the world to acknowledge him and who he is and was and then maybe we wouldn't be faced with all the horrible things that have happened lately.


What do you want for Christmas?