It seems that every summer we hear stories of children being left in a hot car and end up losing their precious lives.  A man in North Carolina endures the heat to plead for the end of child deaths. 

Can you imagine sitting in a hot car with the windows rolled up?  Well, it happens every year to small children.  Parents 'forget' that their kids are in the car and lock it up and walk away.  We have all heard the story of little Cooper.  His dad left him in the car for 9 hours in 90 degree weather.  His father Justin Ross Harris is in jail charged with felony murder and cruelty to a child in the second degree.  He says that he is innocent because he left his son in the car 'accidentally.'

Well, Terry Bartley wanted to see what that precious baby suffered through.  So he locked himself in his car.  Check out the video below.

Bartley, a grown man, couldn't take it.  He said that he felt himself suffocating.  Imagine a small child.  Bartley's mission is to prevent more deaths like this from happening.  Share this video and Bartley's message: " to raise awareness for parents to stop leaving their kids in the car unattended."

I know as a mother I would never even think about leaving my son in a car, even with the air conditioner on.  Stories like little Cooper break my heart!  There are so many people would love to have children and can't and then there are parents who just don't deserve their children.  Maybe he did forget he had his son, but I can't imagine ever forgetting my son.

Over 17 children have died from being left in hot cars this year alone!  This is so stupid because it is easily preventable.  Let's help Bartley with his mission and stop leaving children in hot cars!