Molly Ringwald first his the TV/Movie scene in 1979 when she was on "Different Strokes" and then "The Facts of Life" and then in the Brat Pack and starred in some of the best movies of the 80's. 

At the age of 6, Molly put out an album.  You may not have known that Molly could sing, but she can.  Her dad, Bob Ringwald, was a famous jazz pianist. So looking at her past it should be not surprise that Molly has released a new jazz album and she even does a cover of Simple Minds, "Don't Your Forget About Me."  The same song that her movie "The Breakfast Club" made famous.

You can pick up her new album, "Except Sometimes" on Amazon.


So what is Molly up to these days besides making jazz music.  You can catch her in the final season of "Secret Life of the American Teenager," Monday's on ABC Family.