It's a great weekend at the box office with stuff for kids, tweens, teens and adults.

Family Friendly Box Office Review Part 1

#2.)  "Gnomeo & Juliet" (G)

Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet" . . . for garden gnomes.  James McAvoy is Gnomeo Montague, who risks forbidden animated love with Emily Blunt's Juliet. The feuding families are the Capulets as blue gnomes and the Montagues as the red ones.

Michael Caine is the leader of the red gnomes, "Harry Potter's" Maggie Smith is the leader of the blue gnomes, and Ozzy Osbourne plays a foul-mouthed concrete deer.

The movie is filled with music by Elton John.  He also does a duet with Lady Gaga called "Hello, Hello" for the pivotal moment when Gnomeo and Juliet first meet, and Nelly Furtado joins him for an updated version of "Crocodile Rock".

"Just Go With It" (PG-13)

Adam Sandler almost scares off a new girlfriend,  played by the model Brooklyn Decker, when she finds the fake wedding ring he once used to scam women into bed.  So he covers it up by pretending his assistant is his ex-wife.   Jennifer Aniston is the assistant, but she realizes she has feelings for him too, and drops a few lies of her own.

Family Friendly Box Office Review Part 2

"The Eagle" (PG-13)

Channing Tatum is a 2nd century Roman soldier hoping to restore his father's honor by recovering the eagle standard of the missing Ninth Legion which was lost when the legion was destroyed by British tribes 20 years earlier. Jamie Bell plays a British slave who guides him into the Scottish highlands.

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"Justin Bieber: Never Say Never" (G)

The movie is essentially a documentary about his quick rise from being a normal Canadian teenager to becoming a  GLOBAL sensation.