So now that NBC has canceled some of your favorite shows, here's the list of the new show's that will debut this fall.

Free Agents, Wednesdays 7:30p-It stars Hank Azaria, as Alex a recently divorced guy and Kathryn Hahn as Helen, recently widowed, as co-workers who "accidentally" end up in bed together then decide they are going to stay friends.

Grimm, Friday 8pm-Nick Burkhardt is a detective working in Portland, Oregon, who finds out he is a decedent of the Grimm's, and elite group of supernatural hunters.

The Playboy Club, Mondays 9pm -This series is set in the 60's in the legendary Playboy Club in Chicago. Bunnies, mobsters, murder and more.    Eddie Cibrian and Amber Heard star in this new NBC series.

Prime Suspect, Thursdays 9pm-Maria Bello stars at Janet Timoney, who is a NYC Detective who was just promoted to a precinct full of a fraternity of cops who think she got the promotion by sleeping around.

Up All Night, Wednesdays 7pm-Reagan (Christina Applegate) and Chris (Will Arnet) are the proud parents of a brand new baby.  Going against all tradition Chris decides to be a stay at home day while Regan goes back to work.  The pressure builds up with a career and motherhood and the changes that a baby brings. This new comedy also stars Maya Rudolph.

Whitney, Thursdays 8:30p-When a relationship gets boring what do you do to spruce it up?  This comedy starring comedian Whitney Cummings, focuses on that problem.

So are you confused as to why Wonder Woman, the highly publicized show, isn't on the fall line up?  Even after the name of the actress playing the superhero was released and the costume design?  I am too, but apparently NBC didn't pick the series up and it is now in limbo until another network does or they rework the entire show.

Are you looking forward to a new season on NBC or are you still upset that some of your favorite shows were canceled?