I realize it isn't very often that we like to toot our own horns but we would love for you to go and nominate Mix 94.1 for the Best of Amarillo.

Each year the folks at our hometown newspaper, the Amarillo Globe News put together the Best of Amarillo, it is the best of everything in Amarillo.

I couldn't tell you how many times, I have heard someone tell me, "I Love Mix 94.1, It's my favorite station!" Let Amarillo know that Mix is your favorite station, nominate us for Best of Amarillo.

I will admit there are a couple of boys down the hall from the Mix studio who think their radio station is the best.  But, they are young and well, their egos are big enough as is (LOL), don't let them take the cake, nominate, Mix 94.1!

Anyway, while you are doing that don't forget to nominate your favorite DJ *hint, hint*

CLICK HERE to nominate Mix 94.1 and your other favorite businesses for Best of Amarillo!