The pop chart had a little something for everyone this week in 1983. According to "Billboard" magazine, the top 5 songs included; Lionel Richie, Yes, Duran Duran and Daryl Hall & John Oates. But, this week's #1 song would spend its third week-out of six- at the top spot.

It would be the second time that these two artists would work together. The first was on Michael Jackson's album "Thriller". This song was featured on Paul McCartney's fifth solo album, "Pipes Of Peace".

The song is ranked as Michael Jackson's top-performing Billboard Hot 100 single.

The video was important to MJ's career, because it was shot on location at the Sycamore Ranch. Michael feel in love with the ranch so much that he bought it in 1988 for $17M and renamed it Neverland.

The #1 song this week in 1983 is from Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson.