It is Halloween season which means kid's are going to want a cool costume to wear to go trick or treating.  However, when is a gruesome costume age appropriate.  My son is 6 and some of the costumes available for him are not appropriate.


This is a very bloody, very scary looking costume and it is a child's costume.


Just the name makes me cringe but then add the mask and the make-up and it just seems that it shouldn't be on a child.

I understand the whole zombie thing, and yes I'll admit my child knows about zombies, but I wouldn't let him sit down and watch a Walking Dead episode with me, so why in the world would I want to put him in a zombie costume.  I just do get it.

I understand that Halloween has evil connotations to the holiday, but when I think of 5-10 year old kids, evil doesn't cross my mind.  So why are they so readily available.  I mean a regular gnome would get as much attention as an evil gnome.

Clowns are evil period, but why would you let your child wear a clown costume of any kind.  WHY?  I mean this costume could get them on stage with the Insane Clown Posse.

When did this become an acceptable form of practice?  Am I just living in a bubble?  Is putting our kids in costumes like this OK?

I have always thought of Walmart as some what of a family store.  I mean they won't sell music with explicit lyrics, but they will sell costumes like this for children.

Again where did this country's morals go?