Today's round of 'Guess The Album Cover' comes from 1981. This group was considered progressive rock (for it's time) and one of the first of the so called 'super groups.' Out of the 13 albums that have been released, so far (their 14th, 'Valkyrie' will be released later this year), seven have started and ended with the letter 'A' and were one word titles.

The original lineup consisted of; John Wetton (King Crimson, Uriah Heep), Steve Howe (Yes), Geoff Downes (Yes) and Carl Palmer (Emerson, Lake & Palmer)

Illustrator Roger Dean, who did art work for Yes and Uriah Heep, created the ASIA logo and album artwork.

Spawning the top ten hit 'Heat of the Moment' and it's follow up 'Only Time Will Tell,' Asia never was able to capture lightning in a bottle a second time.

Album titles beginning and ending with the letter 'A' included; Alpha, Astra, Aqua, Aria, Arena and Aura.

Geoff Downes was in which side project group before joining Asia?

Hint: It was one of the first video MTV played when they debut on Saturday, August 1st, 1981. Take a guess and find the answer HERE.


When I was in high school I took one year of painting and this was the first picture I did. I've carried it with me to everyplace I've worked at hung it every one of my offices. It's a combination of the Asia's self-titled debut and their follow up, Aqua album covers.


Rick Andrews\Asia Painting (1984)