Twenty-Four Salvation Army Bell Ringers will set out to break a record today starting at 11am CST.  They will set their sites on ringing their bells for 36 or more hours straight.


Each year thousands and thousands of people take part in the Salvation Army's Kettle fundraiser.  You see them every season outside of their favorite stores ringing their bells, opening doors, telling you to have a wonderful blessed day.  They are even more gracious when you drop a few dollars or a few coins into their red kettle.

So what is the National Bell Ringing Contest all about?  It is a contest each year to see who can ring their bell the longest without sleep or eating.  However, this isn't an easy task.

According to the Salvation Army the rules are as follows:

1. Participants must stand the entire time.
2. Participants may not eat.
3. Participants may drink hydration products only such as water, Gatorade or juice.
4. Participants must ring a bell at all times.
5. Participants only may use a bathroom once every 4 hours, during a ten minute break.

The previous record is 36 hours and this year's contestants are shooting for 40 hours.  Wow!  That's almost 2 full days.

Contestants participating in the Contest:

  • Ryan Althaus-Louisville, KY
  • Captain Quentin Boyle-Peru, IL
  • Lieutenant James Curry-Joplin, MO
  • Captain David M. Davis-Longview, WA
  • Ken Fankhauser-Anchorage, AK
  • Latonya Ford-Denver, CO
  • Lieutenant Matthew Jensen-Santa Maria, CA
  • Alan Jermyn-Gulfport, MS
  • Lieutenant Sean Kelsey-Palm Desert, CA
  • Matt Linville-Mount Air, NC
  • Captain Marcos Marquez-West Twin Falls, ID 1
  • Sergeant Greg Maxwell-Marque, TX
  • Leilan McNally-Indianapolis, IN
  • Captain Kenneth Perine-San Diego, CA
  • Jason Perkins-Fairfield, CA
  • Daniel Perry-Pittsburg, KS
  • Saundra Shearon-Cleburne, TX
  • Captain Kyle Smith-Spokane, WA
  • Captain Marcelino Soriano-San Francisco, CA
  • Captain Jerome Spalding;-Tulsa, OK
  • Tiga Stevenson-St Cloud, MN
  • Caleb Stokes-Indianapolis, IN
  • Darrell Tureskis-Springfield, IL
  • Dustin Walsh-Lane, Lodi, CA

I wish good luck to all these participants, but I have to ask, do you think the folks in warmer climates have it easier than the ones in the freezing weather?