It seems that Amarillo is seeing more and more wrecks and fatalities on our roads.  Last night a major wreck happened at the corner of Amarillo Blvd and Pierce.  A semi truck crashed into the McDonald's.

The Amarillo Police Department confirms that a red Peterbuilt with a load of hay hit the left side of a four-door Honda.  After the initial hit, the truck veered and hit a Ford Explorer pushing it into the McDonald's.  The driver of the Explorer was taken to the hospital and the truck driver was finally removed from the truck and taken to the hospital.  A total of seven people were transported to the hospital.  The semi was finally removed from the building at 3:15am, followed by the Explorer at 4am.  Traffic resumed around 4:15am this morning.  APD investigators believe that the truck ran a red light.  They are still investigating and have not issued any citations.