I was walking down our station hallway the other day and walk right through the smell of men's cologne.  We have a bunch of men who work in the building but this was a new cologne smell.   It reminded me of walking through the men's section of Dillard's (before the men's department received its own store). I say this because smell has huge affects on us as humans.  It can make you feel happy, disgusted, it can even bring back a memory.

Eldad Carin

In high school I had a friend who wore a particular kind of perfume, and when I run across that smell as an adult, it brings back happy memories of our friendship.

When I smell a batch of freshly made cake frosting it immediately takes me back to when I was little watching my Meme make cakes.

My other favorite smell is original Downy.  I love that smell, it reminds me of warm fresh towels and I love the fact that they have bottled that into air freshener.

What are your favorite smells?  What are the smells that make you smile?  What are the smells that make you sad?

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