You may be surprised at how much money it costs you to find your life partner.

A new survey by the event planning company Paint Night reveals that it takes the average person 5 years of dating before they find their significant other. Other findings:

- the average person will spend $20,276 on dating before finding their significant other.

- the average cost of a date is $43.50

- top dating activities include going to the movies, walking and sightseeing.

- 75% of singles prefer dinner or a movie rather than active or outdoor dates.

- 10% of people like to play sports with a new date.

- 25% of people have met a partner in a nightclub.

- 20% of people have met a partner through an online dating site

- 50% of people say men should pay for the first date.

- 1% of people say women should pay for the first date

- 20% of men have made a first move by pretending to stretch

So there you have it!  It's cheaper to stay single!!