Socks for Soldiers is a wonderful organization in Amarillo that sends care packages to our troops in the war zones, primarily Afghanistan and Iraq.  Since its induction in 2005 Socks for Soldiers has sent our more than 20,000 care packages to our hard working men and women in the military.  Socks for Soldiers can always use more donations but what they are needing now is troops.  If you know of someone who is serving overseas in the military then contact Socks for Soldiers so your soldier can receive one of these awesome care packages.All you have to do is send the information of your soldier to Socks for Soldiers by clicking this link.  Or you can email Socks for Soldiers here.

Carolyn Miller, the awesome lady who runs Socks for Soldiers said,

Last week-end the Frito company had a promotion in our United Grocery stores here in Amarillo on Frito's MAVERICK Beef Jerky. With 5 stores, people bought about 3,000 packages to send to the troops Socks for Soldiers Amarillo will have the opportunity to distribute a lot of it. Today we mailed 19 boxes to 7 groups in Afghanistan of "care packs", jerky and ascots that our ladies are making to help keep the troops warm. We packed up and sent more than 550 packages of jerky today. We sent it by priority mail, in hopes that they will receive it by SUPER BOWL SUNDAY.

How awesome, that was on January 11 and yesterday Carolyn told me they were about to go and mail 13 more boxes.  Socks for Soldiers takes care of our troops.

You can help out Socks for Soldiers, by sending the name of your soldier so they can receive care packages or you can make donations to Socks for Soldiers.

They are always in need of the following items:

Packages of white crew/tube socks (ALL SIZES)
New travel size toiletries
Packages of wet wipes
Snack foods- beef jerky, sunflower seeds, hard candy, crackers, individually wrapped snacks
Money to help with postage

You can also make monetary donations to the organization securely through their donation page by clicking here.

Socks for Soldiers will also be out at Amarillo's Largest Garage Sale at the Amarillo Civic Center March 16th and 17th.