Kids love going back to school shopping, it is one of the highlights of the impending school year.  They love picking out their folders and their backpacks and their lunch boxes.  Now parents have something else to worry about, according to a new study kids school supplies are contaminated by toxic chemicals.

Seventy-five percent of children’s “back-to-school” supplies tested in a laboratory had elevated levels of toxic phthalates, including popular Disney, Spiderman, and Dora branded school supplies, such as vinyl lunchboxes, backpacks, 3-ring binders, raincoats, and rainboots.

The levels of phthalates found in children’s school supplies would be illegal if these products were toys. Just like toys, school supplies are used by young children that are uniquely vulnerable to chemical exposure.

What the heck is phthalates? In an easy definition they are plasticizers. For the full definition click here.

So as a parent should we be worried?  The study said that unless they chew or put their school supplies in their mouths it shouldn't be a problem, however if kids are constantly chewing on their school supplies, it could pose health problems later.

Why is it everything these days can kill you?

For more information click here to ready more about the study.