So the NFL is giving you an affordable way to to to Superbowl XLV.  Now you can go see the game,  but only on a big screen (and I'm not talking the JUMBO TRON in Cowboy's Stadium).

For one-third the price of a regular ticket, NFL fans will be able to stand outside Cowboys Stadium and act like they are attending the Super Bowl XLV. The league announced on Wednesday that tickets to watch the game on large HD video screens on the east side of the stadium will cost $200.

They're calling it the "party plaza," because what's more of a party than spending two bills to go through a security line for the right to sit on a grassy knoll, pay $9 for a beer and watch a game that's freely available on television?

(via NFL to charge people $200 to stand outside Super Bowl stadium - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports.)

OK so that's like going to a concert and paying $25 to stand outside the doors and hear a muffled version of the show?  My question is would you pay $200 to stand outside Cowboys Stadium just to say you went to the Superbowl?