Magnificent Martini Will Melt Your Heart
Last week we told you the story of Whiskey. Whiskey and his brother were dumped on the side of the road and left. Today we want you to meet Whiskey's sister Martini. She's a sweetheart and would love a home. If you have room for both they would love to be a part of your family. If yo…
Whimsy Whiskey Wants to Wag His Tail for You Forever
Here's another story of a sweet fur baby dumped. Whiskey looks to be a dachshund mix and is very friendly. He and his sister martini were dumped and now they need a forever home. The Amarillo SPCA just brought us Whiskey (the dog, that is), today and we want you to fall in love as much as w…
Zoey Will Zoom Into Your Heart
I never understood why people don't accommodate for their pets when they move. You make a promise to these animals when you bring them into your home, that they will be yours forever and will have a home for their entire life. It crushes my heart when I hear stories of people surrendering th…
Happy Halle Needs Help Finding a Home
This week the Amarillo SPCA brought us Halle. She is a cutie full of energy and life. She needs a forever home and would be the perfect addition to your family. You know you want and need her in your life.
Big Boy Bono Needs a Forever Home
Debra brought us a furry feline full of love. This week she brought us Bono. Looking back the Amarillo SPCA brought us Bono a month or so ago along with his sister Betsy. However, Bono is still at the Amarillo SPCA and is still in need for a forever home.

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