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Who Should Replace Charlie
Charlie Sheen was officially fired from Two and a Half Men yesterday.  Speculation has been buzzing about John Stamos taking over the roll.  Who do you think should be cast as a replacement?  How will they write Charlie off the show?
Charlie Sheen is Now a Verb [Video]
Charlie Sheen what can you say?  It seems he's gone off the deep end, but according to him he's just Charlie.  Is it drugs?  He's said interview he says he did more drugs that anyone could survive.  Is he strung out? Has he gone crazy?  You be the judge.
Is This the ‘Two and a Half Men’ Series Finale? [VIDEO]
Due to Charlie Sheen's recent antics, CBS has canceled his hit series "Two and a Half Men" for the rest of the season and some are saying it may be gone for good. Those rumors were bolstered by a clip that leaked to YouTube on Friday, featuring what might be the final episode of "Men.…
Two and a Half Men: With or Without Charlie
I admit I watch Two and a Half Men every Monday night and when I miss it, I have it recorded on my DVR.  Would I watch the show without Charlie Sheen?  Yeah, but I watch it for Charlie.  The irony of the show is that the "character" Charlie pretty much mimics the "actor" Charlie.…