feel good videos

Dog Figures Out How To Get Ice From the Fridge
Have you come home from a hard day of work and all you wanted was an iced tea.  You go to your refrigerator and put your cup up to the ice dispenser only to find there isn't any ice.  Well if you have a dog, he might be the culprit.  Check out our feel good pet video of the day.
Zombie Kitty [VIDEO]
I must be on a kitty kick!  Last night I introduced you to Vampire Pumpkin Kitty.  Today it is  Zombie Kitty.  Enjoy this video.
Kid Loves His Ice Cream, Even In His Sleep
If you are a parent then you have probably experienced the point when your child gets so tired they fight sleep at all costs.  This little boy was doing just that, but I think got the best of him, but he got the best of his ice cream cone.
Water Makes Babies Laugh [VIDEO]
Sometimes you need to see and hear a baby/toddler laugh, before you know it you are laughing as well.  Here's a feel good video to put a little smile in your day.  It gets really funny at :46.  Laughter is contagious.
A Returning Soldier Surprises His Sister at Graduation [VIDEO]
Monday's can be rough, most people say they hate Monday's.  Monday's for me can be a little rough as well, that is why I thought you might like a feel good video of the day.   Jessica was graduating from Cal Poly and wished that her brother serving over in Afghanistan could see her graduate.  Well t…