2013 Grammys – Worst Dressed [PHOTOS]
Two of music's biggest voices - Adele and Beyonce - landed on the Worst Dressed list at the 2013 Grammys. That's not something we expect from either fashionable diva. But you know what, Katy Perry and her unsupported knockers also ended up on this list. So did her beau John Mayer for his Joker-like …
2012 Grammy Awards: Performance + Show Pictures

The 2012 Grammy Awards were chock full of amazing performances, with Bruno Mars opening the show with a vivacious, dance-filled performance of his song ‘Runaway.’ Alicia Keys paid homage to the late Etta James, while fellow soulful diva Jennifer Hudson gave an outstanding tribute performance to Whit…
Taylor Swift’s New Video for ‘Ours’
Taylor Swift release the video for her new single Ours this weekend.  It stars Taylor Swift in a mundane job, stuck in a cubicle pushing paper, dreaming about seeing the love of her life.   The video stars Zach Gilford, Friday Night Lights.