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The Battle of the Clean Bedroom
Please someone, for the love of toys and stuffed animals and just your average pile of junk, tell me how to get my children to clean their rooms and keep them clean.
Product Placement Gets Me Everytime
I overheard a discussion this week about how retailers have become really good at product placement so that once they get you inside, you purchase way more than you intended.
Celebrating Me and The Year of the April
Today is my birthday. Thirty-seven short years to reflect upon.
I think it's true what they say--that youth is wasted on the young. But the time you realize what a gift youth is, you're not so young anymore.
The Apps That Can Help With Your Chaotic Life
My day-to-day life is pretty much chaos. It is. And most days, I'm ok with that. This is what I chose, after all. I chose to have children and continue my career. I chose to enroll all three children in the extra-curricular activity of their choosing. And for the most part, I love the daily chaos. I…
Kids Do the Darndest Things – The Woes of Technology
This week, the big theme in our house has been focused on technology. Specifically, how it should *not* be used. My children have iPod's and/or tablet devices. There are rules. They can't download apps (or anything else) without asking. They can't connect via e-mail, text, Facetime, or anything else…

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