May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month – Share the Road
If you notice, the warmer the weather gets the motorcycles you see all over the city.  Sometimes when we are in the safety of our own vehicles, we sometimes miss people on their motorcycles because of blind spots.  May marks the start of Motorcycle Safety Awareness month.  The Texas D…
Motorcycle Gang Blocks Highway For Marriage Proposal
Who knew bikers were such hopeless romantics?
The Rockefeller Center ice skating rink might be perfect for marriage proposals in New York City, but if you're in Los Angeles you'll have to get a little more creative -- like shutting down a major highway.
130 MPH Motorcycle Chase Ends as Boring as Humanly Possible
If you live in Southern California you can be sure of two things — there will be earthquakes, and there will be morons who try and outrun the police on our congested freeways. Enter moron in the video below who decided that 8:30 in the morning would be the perfect time to test out his motorcyc…