puppy bowl

Check Out Highlights From Puppy Bowl IX
In case you forgot, a little something called the Super Bowl went down yesterday. Alicia Keys rocked the National Anthem, Beyonce was as fierce as they come and the commercials were awesome. There's also one very underrated part of Super Bowl Sunday that often goes unnoticed-- the Puppy Bowl!
Super Bowl Vs. Commercials Vs. Puppy Bowl [POLL]
We all know the Big Game is coming up this Sunday.  It seems to be the talk of everything.  The guys around here find a reason to talk about it everyday and it is an extended lengthy conversation.  I'm not a football girl, honestly, I could careless.  However, it is a big th…
Down, Set, Ruff! It’s the Puppy Bowl [PHOTOS]
I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for a cute dog.  So on Superbowl Sunday I make time for the Super Bowl but I also make time for Animal Planet's annual Puppy Bow.  Animal Planet's annual Puppy Bowl pits adorable pup against adorable pup every Super Bowl Sunday.…