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Expect Major Slow Downs on East I-40
If you are traveling near Whitaker, Lakeside, Pullman and Eastern, prepare yourself for some major slow downs over the next few months as bridge work continues on these areas of I-40.
Mostly Maintenance Closures Will Slow You Down this Week
Welcome to the start of a new work week and the start of school week. Lots of maintenance work going on this week. Just keep an eye out and be safe making your way through construction zones. As Wednesday rolls around be extra careful in school zones and areas around schools as our kids head back…
Various Lane Closures All Over Amarillo Might Slow You Down
No matter where you are traveling in Amarillo this week, you will probably be slowed down at some point day or night due to various lane closures all over the city. From striping operations to mowing to paving, your commutes may be slowed. Here's the areas you want to watch out for as you ar…

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