Real or Hoax?: UFO Takes A Swim
An condo complex in Florida, was watching their security footage when they noticed what appears to be a UFO, taking a quick dip in the pool.  Is this a UFO?  Is this just something weird on the camera?  You be the judge.
Russell Crowe Thinks He Spotted a UFO
If you're not one of Russell Crowe's 825,000 followers on Twitter, maybe you should be. That way you can see a real-time play-by-play of how this whole UFO spotted outside of his office thing plays out.
Is This a Real UFO Over South Korea or a Hoax?
While flying in a commercial jet over Seoul, South Korea, a surprised passenger shot this footage of a strange, bowl-shaped flying saucer from his window seat, causing internet folk to weigh-in with theories regarding this bizarre craft. Could this sighting be the real deal…or is it simply an…