Man Eats at Olive Garden 95 Times in 6 Weeks
I love pasta, but I'm not sure I love pasta enough to eat it 95 times in 6 weeks.  However, one man in Burlington, North Carolina got his money's worth after buying a Never Ending Pasta Pass for $100.  He ate at Olive Garden twice per day.
90-Year Old Man Was Arrested for Feeding the Homeless
A new city ordinance was passed in Ft. Lauderdale making it illegal to feed the homeless in public.  However, a 90-year old man still believes in lending a helping hand and that helping hand got him arrested for breaking the law.  Arnold Abbot and two ministers were arrested for feeding th…
A Peeping Tom in Amarillo
A woman in the Oliver Eakle District was being watched for months until she finally asked a friend to help her catch this person.  As luck would have it they did, the man was finally caught on video.
Top 5 Funny Jack Hanna Moments
Who knew that Jack Hanna was hilarious?! Well, apparently David Letterman does. He's a regular on Dave's show and the guy is a riot. Below are some clips from Late Night with David Letterman as well as some other hilarious Jack Hanna moments.
Mix Pet of the Week: Sadie
This dog will melt your heart this week.  You'll love looking into his beautiful blue eyes, and the ring of black around one of them, just makes her so darn beautiful.

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