Life Hack Test: Cleaning Your Cookie Sheets
I use my cookie sheets all the time.  They are so pretty when they are brand new, but then they get caked up and brown and nasty looking.  So when I ran across a cleaning hack I thought I would try it out and see if it worked.
Doctor Helps Baby Laugh Through His Shots
If you are a parent, one of the most dreaded times of being a parent is taking your child to the doctor for their vaccinations.  It is horrible and unbearable.  They have to have them, but there is nothing you can do to keep it from hurting.  Then you're told, you'll have to hold their arms.  NO!  I…
Tiny Pig Gets A Bath
We all know Mondays can be tough.  So why not start if off right.  How about a cute video.  Sometimes, a nice bath can be just what a person or a pig needs.  Check out this tiny micro pig getting a bath.
Living With Autism: Sensory Overload
Every now and then I learn something new about autism.  As I have told you before I have a son living with a form of autism.  I don't fully understand him most of the time.  I don't understand how one day we can go shopping or go get him a hair cut and he is fine, and another day he has a full on me…

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