Zombie Wedding in London [VIDEO]
What "Twilight" did for vampires, seems to be happening with zombies.  Did the revival of the vampire craze cause the revival of the zombie craze or should we just accredit that to "The Walking Dead"?  I'm not sure but here is one couple who have a …
Groom Surprises His Fiance with A Wedding
Normally, when it comes to wedding planning the bride is usually the one who does most of the planning.  Yes, the groom is involved but rarely jumps in and plans along with his bride.  However, this Texas groom wanted to take that stress off of his soon-to-be wife and planned a surprise we…
Wedding Bouquet Pass Helps Win Game
Washington state high schools Tumwater and Capital could very easily be nondescript rivals on 'The Simpsons,' but an incredible, momentum-changing 2-point conversion during their Sept. 22 double-overtime battle won by Tumwater has brought the schools national fame.
5 Magical Disney World Marriage Proposals
Disney theme parks are home to magic, fun and love. So it should come as no surprise that the parks are also home to many weddings and marriage proposals. Even the park staff gives advice on the best places to propose. Whether you think Disney Park proposals are super cute, or too cliche, couples ev…

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