How to Prepare for the Upcoming Wintry Weather This Weekend
So it looks like we have another system moving into the Panhandle this weekend bringing rain and snow.  Last weekend it was snowy and cold and no we didn't want to get out in the mess but we did, so now that we have another moving in our direction, here is the best way to prepare.
An Open Letter to the Groundhog
Groundhog Day is coming up on Tuesday, February 2nd.  This is the day where a furry little creature called a Groundhog pops out of hole and if he sees his shadow, we will be inundated with 6 more weeks of winter.  Well I decided that I needed to have a talk with said Groundhog, so I wrote …
How to Warm Up on a Cold Day
Let's face it!  We are in the middle of Winter.  I know there are crazy people out there that love this time of year.  I'm just kidding, but I cannot stand being cold.  So how does one warm up on a cold day?  Well there are a few ways to do just that.
Best Things to Do Inside During the Winter
Let's face it, it's winter and it's cold.  Most of the time all we want to do is cuddle up in bed or on the couch under a blanket.  Who wants to be outside in the cold.  I know I don't however being cooped up inside can get boring sometimes so here are some fun thi…
Getting Your Car Ready For Winter
The cold weather is slowly creeping upon us and will be at full speed in no time. Nothing is worse than being caught with a dead battery in 28 degree weather. Is your car ready for the low temps?

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