We are 36 days away from the first day of school here in Amarillo, that is a little over one-month.  Yes, summer has gotten away from us but there is still fun to be had.  So here are 10 things you should do in Amarillo before summer starts.

Yes, if you haven't been yet, make plans to take the family out and have some fun.  If you are worried about it being to hot, don't be, they have a ton of rides that will get you wet and some that soak you head to toe.  Then rides that will spin you dry.

One of the favorite things my son loves to do is go to the Discovery Center.  He thinks he is going there for fun, but I know while he is having fun  he is learning.

Picnic in the Park

Amarillo has several awesome parks to go and have a picnic.  Pack an awesome lunch, sandwiches, watermelon, lemonade and pick your favorite park, Medi-Park, John Stiff Memorial Park, McDonald Lake Parke are just to name a few.  For a list of Amarillo parks click here.


If it has been awhile since you have been down to the canyon, then grab the family and take the kids.  I would suggest that you check the weather and pick a not so hot day to go.  It is a wonderful work of art by nature and it is in our backyard.  Plus, end the day at the Pioneer Amphitheater and enjoy the musical drama Texas.

Grab some spray paint and grab the kids and make the short drive down I-40 to Cadillac Ranch.  Let the kids paint their names or paint a picture on the cars.


It's a park, it's water fun.  What a better way to cool off than at a splash pad.  Take the kids and let them play in the water fun.  You can take a book and kick back under a tree while they splish and splash and wear themselves out.


Make Homemade Ice Cream

I mean who doesn't LOVE ice cream.  Gather the kids, some ice, rock salt, ice cream ingredients and an ice cream freezer and go to town.  If you want to give the kids a work out get a hand-cranked ice cream freezer and make them work for their ice cream.  You can find a ton of recipes online for homemade ice cream.  Get my favorite homemade ice cream recipe here.


Hey where else can you ride a water slide shaped like a giant taco!  Take the kids out to Splash and let them cool off!


I haven't had a chance to enjoy this but I am adding it to my list of fun things to do in Amarillo.  Take the family out for a real 1800's chuck wagon breakfast.  Enjoy breakfast the way cowboys on the trail used to back in the 1800's.


Backyard BBQ

Who doesn't love a good 'ol BBQ in your backyard.  Fire up the grill or the smokers, throw on some burgers or a brisket or some ribs.  Throw together some sides, invite friends and family over and enjoy yourself.


So here are 10 ideas of things to do in Amarillo before school starts.  What are some of your favorite things to do in Amarillo?  I would love for you to share.