Empty Drug TestTexas lawmakers are making a push to start drug testing for many social benefits including welfare and unemployment. This is a controversial and heated argument on both sides.

It wasn't long ago that this very law was being debated in both Florida and Kentucky. It was met with a lot of support and a lot of opposition. Now, Governor Rick Perry has called for the required drug testing of people receiving unemployment benefits and welfare.

The law has support from other law makers in Austin and is stated to be a way to ensure that the people receiving the benefits are drug free, on a path to self sufficiency, and ready to work.

UPDATE: A bill was approved and signed into law Tuesday that will require drug screening when applying for government assistance in the state of Texas. Republican Committee Chairwoman Jane Nelson authored the bill stating that it would ensure that recipients aren't using assistance funds to buy drugs.

Temporary Assistance to Needy Families is a program in Texas that ensures that in need families get the assistance that meet their basic needs. The new law will require drug screening when applying for this service to determine whether the applicant is a drug risk. Those who appear to use drugs, or have felony drug convictions will have to undergo screening.

The bill does include provisions that will provide assistance to children, even if their parent or guardian tests positive for drugs.